The Book

30 years of cold coffee

A life in professional cooking.

The coffee is always cold, why?

Because we’re always too bloody busy to drink it!! But you need it.

Gotta get going, could be in the shit here. Sooooo much to do!!

Where to start?

Longest jobs on first!

Got 40 for lunch and a ton of work on.

Get going Weedon and move your fucking arse.

That’s basically been it for 5/6/7 days a week for the last 30 years.

Nothing comes close to working in this industry, but fuck me it’s hard, both mentally and physically. Is it worth the commitment? Absolutely 100%.

You can spend 15-18 hours a day in a stainless steel hot box without windows, grabbing a bite to eat while your working and fighting to get a break on your split shift.

But it’s the magic that happens inside the box that’s addictive.

New tekkers, ingredients, recipes and skills are acquired and the hard yards are trodden here.

Your essentially ticking off dishes, cooking techniques and experiencing scenarios on your way to running your own kitchen.

Coffee has been a must.

Cold or hot?

Mostly cold… for 30 years.